Corpus Christi ensures that details of formal assessment tasks are made available to students and parents/carers in a timely manner through a variety of communication modes.
Students in Years 7-12 are issued with Assessment Task Notifications that outline specific details of the tasks, including due dates and submission instructions. These due dates are also published in the school newsletter.

Additionally, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 receive Assessment Information booklets that include due dates for their courses for the year. 

Access to this information allows Parents and Carers to effectively implement support networks for students outside of school to work towards their assessment tasks with diligence and consideration.

MOODLE likewise facilitates open communication by providing parents, and carers and students with feedback for each assessment task. This feedback allows Parents, Carers and students to track student progress across Key Learning Areas and create strategies to facilitate growth and development.

The Corpus Christi assessment policy is available in an easy to read flow-chart so students may understand the expectations surrounding submissions and plagiarism.

Download the Formal Assessment Cover Sheet 

CCCHS Assessment Task Non Submission Procedures Stage 6

CCCHS Assessment Task Submission Procedures Stage 6


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