Connected Learning Experiences

At Corpus Christi we aim to facilitate rich learning that will serve students for the rest of their lives. Essentially, life after school is rarely broken down into singular problems.  Everyday we multi-task, combine skills and critical thought to problem solve in the workplace and beyond. At Corpus Christi, we emphasis the connectedness between ideas and concepts across disciplines within our structure. This is done to encourage deep engagement and provide constant opportunities for students to develop their higher order and creative critical thinking. 

Corpus Christi is committed to delivering prescribed curricula in an integrated way. Learning is organised into ‘Connected Learning Experiences’, or ‘CLEs’. CLEs are integrated units of work that incorporate Syllabus outcomes from two or three Key Learning Areas. For example, CLE L: A Cautionary Tale, runs for ten weeks in which PDHPE, English and Religious Education are synthesised together to create a meaningful exploration of Christian values and morals, drug education, and relationships. This content is then constructed into a lively debate that showcases students knowledge of the past ten weeks. CLEs are designed in trans-disciplinary collaborative teams, by the Learning Advisors who will be teaching and assessing them together.

CLEs are based on the Backwards Design model (Wiggins & McTighe, 1998). Curriculum integration uses the CLE Creation Framework, in which Learning Advisors first develop an enduring understanding. This is an engaging and relevant statement of the overarching understandings that students will gain through their study in the CLE. They then design an integrated assessment task, followed by a sequence of learning events. Evaluation is also undertaken collaboratively between staff and students. This is to ensure that CLEs continue to evolve and remain effective.

All CLE documents, including in-class learning activities and assessment, are linked to Moodle. Having material online provides increased opportunity for students to self-pace, have greater access to a range of course materials, and to receive ongoing and meaningful feedback.


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