Learning and Teaching Principles

Overarched by Catholic educational philosophy and with the aim of improving the learning of all students, the following principles underpin learning and teaching at Corpus Christi High School

1. Learning and teaching serve the development of a Eucharistic Imagination with which to transform the world.

2. Learning and teaching are relational and transformative, evidenced by quality relationships and growth in wisdom.

3. Learning and teaching support an individual's growth and journey, through the stages of learning towards independence.

4. Learning and teaching are collaborative processes, nurturing deep understanding and significance, which transcends subject boundaries.

5. Learning and teaching fosters the development of critical, creative and flexible thinkers.

6. Learning and teaching are cyclical processes, driven by quality feedback, which is evidence based and data informed.

7. Learning and teaching are personalised processes, which require the recognition of individual difference and diversity.

8. Learning and teaching fosters deep engagement, motivation and self-management, providing individuals with the opportunity to build competence and confidence.

9. Learning and teaching require resilience and calculated risk-taking, supported by high expectations and quality learning environments.

10. Learning and teaching flourishes within a culture of celebration that encourages the aspirations of all learners and recognises their achievements.


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