Senior School

In Stage Six, students engage with Board of Studies course materials using a traditional subject structure.  As in Stages Four and Five, learning and teaching is based on our Learning and Teaching Principles, and is guided by our Diocesan Learning and Teaching Framework.  Further to this, in acknowledgement of the specific needs of Stage Six learners, care has been taken to ensure that pedagogical approaches nuture:

  • a move from pedagogical to androgogical approaches appropriate to the young adult learner
  • best practice in discipline specific pedagogies
  • the development of skills of expert learner
  • a blended delivery using an online learning platform
  • efficient use of face to face time
  • continual feedback through assessment of learning and assessment for learning

Approaches to delivery utilise and combine a range of media and communication modes.  Students are supported to develop skills in critical thinking and analysis, so that they can problematise the knowledge presented to them through sources such as the worldwide web, interactions with others students, Learning Advisor guidance, and construct their own understanding of the course. 


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