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Our uniform supplier, Ranier, have an Online Appointment and Purchasing facility.
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Winter Uniform 

Online Appointment Booking & Uniform Ordering

Shop Manager Shoneen Tracey
Phone 42564963
Address Unit 6/ 17-19 Industrial Road, Oak Flats
Trading Hours Tuesdays  8:00am - 1:00pm
Thursdays  12:00pm - 4:30pm


  • Girl's CCCHS skirt must be below the knee
  • Senior and Junior embroidered CCCHS blouse
  • Navy stockings/tights. Stockings to be worn in Terms 2 and 3 only


  • Senior boys must wear a senior tie with a white short/long sleeved embroidered CCCHS crested shirt. This shirt must be tucked  in. 
  • Junior boys white embroidered CCCHS shirt. This is designed to be worn out. When wearing the long sleeved CCCHS shirt a tie must be worn and shirt tucked in 
  • Navy blue long trousers or shorts with a black belt.  The belt buckle must be small and invite no comment


  • Red jumper with embroidered CCCHS Crest
  • Sports jackets should NOT be worn with normal school uniform
  • The school jumper can be worn with the sports uniform
  • No coloured undergarments eg T Shirts, singlets, should be worn underneath school shirts
  • Blazers are compulsory in Terms 2 and 3 and must always be worn before the jumper, which may be worn underneath for additional warmth
  • Additionally students are required to wear full school uniform including blazer on any official occasion at which students are leading and/or representing the school community, either at school at events such as Graduations, School Masses, or off campus at events such as excursions. During examination periods and Learning Conferences students are to be in full school uniform.
  • Students wear full sport uniform at sporting events
  • Navy blue school socks (with red and olive stripes)
  • CCCHS scarf is the only scarf permitted


  • Shoes for both boys and girls must be black, lace-up below the ankle traditional school shoes.
  • These shoes must be able to be polished.
  • Buckle shoes, Velcro fastening or boots are not permitted.
  • Shoes heels are to be no higher than 3 cm and no platform soles.
  • Leather surf or skate shoes or similar are not permitted



  • Navy blue CCCHS shorts
  • White and red embroidered CCCHS sport shirt
  • No coloured undergarments eg T Shirts, singlets, should be worn underneath school shirts
  • White ankle CCCHS socks
  • CCCHS hat
  • CCCHS tracksuit
  • Girls - single piece swimming costume and rash vest
  • Boys - rash vest & appropriate board shorts
  • Jewellery is NOT to be worn during Sport/PE sessions.
  • Students must wear CCCHS hat for sun protection in Sport/PE sessions at all sessions during the year.

Sport/PE Shoes

  • Shoes for both boys and girls must be predominantly white and recognised as a running shoe.
  • Basketball, surf, skate, canvas, slip-on or similar shoes are not permitted.



The following items of jewellery may be worn:


  • Girls only - 1 simple gold or silver sleeper or stud per ear to a maximum of 4mm diameter worn in the lower lobe (no pearl, or gemstone or coloured studs)
  • NO body/facial piercing or body art
  • NO plastic earrings/nose rings.

Nail Polish and Makeup

  • Nail Polish and Makeup are not permitted at any time.  Students will be expected to remove it immediately at school.


  • The hair of all students should be neat and tidy and off the face, suitable for a learning environment and within the boundaries of CCCHS expectations, which are at the discretion of the Principal
  • Hair must be neither grown/cut/groomed in an extreme or exaggerated fashion
  • Hair needs to be in such a condition that it does not invite comment to correct it
  • Hair is to be of a student's natural colour
  • Boy's hair is to above collar length
  • Boy's are to be clean-shaven and will be required to shave at school if not meeting CCCHS requirements.
  • Girl's hair accessories: Red/blue/white ribbon and hair accessories designed to match the CCCHS school uniform are acceptable.
  • Girl's hair must be tied back fully with accessories of school colours.


  • The Corpus Christi school bag is the bag purchased from the school uniform shop.
  • The Corpus Christi School Bag is compulsory and should be identified with a small tag attached, not with writing on the bag itself.  School Bags that are not in an appropriate condition will need to be replaced by purchasing a new one from the school uniform shop.
  • Liquid paper is not to be used to label the school bag or laptop bags.
  • If your laptop bag is not in   an appropriate condition (graffiti/zipper broken) you will be required to purchase a new bag from the Administration Office.
  • Note that if the zipper on your laptop bag is broken and damage has incurred to your laptop as result of a broken zipper the cost to repair the damage to your laptop is passed onto you and your parent/carer.


  • CCCHS at times conducts 'Casual Clothes' days to raise funds for various charities. All students will be attired in a manner, which reflects the Catholic ethos of the school. On these days students are able to wear appropriate clothing, which includes:
  • Closed in shoes (suitable for school activities)
  • Shirts with sleeves (NO singlet tops or similar)
  • NO midriff tops
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses should be of a modest length suitable for school activities.
  • Clothing should not have inappropriate wording, symbols or images


Corpus Christi Catholic High School
Cnr Industrial Rd and Moore St
Oak Flats NSW 2529
Ph (02) 4230 3300
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Web  www.ccchsdow.catholic.edu.au
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