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Our School Hymns


I Am the Vine, and you are the branches
Who abides in me, and me in them
Bears fruit, we bear fruit

Verse 1
We are the children of God above,
We’re building our community we’re building it with love
As part of God’s vine we know, we will always grow
Strong in faith and in ourselves
Reaping what we sow

Verse 2
We learn of life and our place in the world
Changing and growing Your mystery unfurled
We remember your words O Lord, on this blessed day,
We pray that they remain with us, as we make our way.
(Paul McGee © 2006 used with permission:
Word of Life International Licence No: 2377)


As we begin our journey in this Spirit-place,
We see images of God in every shining face.
And we will learn together, in Eucharist, in Christ.
I’ll be God’s servant now and for all of my life.

And we will transform our world, to see it living in harmony.
We will transform our world, through love to lasting peace.
We will transform our world, but do it not for me,
But so the seventh generation can live healthy and free.

We read the sacred stories of human life.
We dig for buried secrets in oppression and strife.
The wisdom that we find will help us to know
If we just tend the vine then the branches will grow.

We wonder how to be Australian in the world today
And how to make the changes, and how to have our say
So we work to hone our talents, our knowledge and our skills,
Abide in Christ and live in hope until …….

We look towards the future, but not with fear.
We’ve courage and we’ve hope ‘cause your Spirit is near.
And we will fight for justice, we’ll be stewards of the earth
‘Cause it’s the generations after us we serve.

(Kate Burrett © 2006 used with permission:
Word of Life International Licence No: 2377)


Corpus Christi Catholic High School
Cnr Industrial Rd and Moore St
Oak Flats NSW 2529
Ph (02) 4230 3300
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