Social and Ecological Justice

Integral to the Corpus Christi community is the practice and conscience raising of Social and Ecological Justice. The students individually and through the their School Houses participate and raise awareness on a range of Social Justice and Ecological issues.  

Underpinning and guiding students in social justice and ecological initiatives are the Catholic Churches Social Justice and Ecological teachings.

Students are also guided, encouraged, informed and inspired by both Catholic and non-Catholic writers, thinkers and activists.

Students are acknowledged in their Social and Ecological work in a number of ways. These include; 

  • Parents' and Friends' Agent of  Transformation Awards
  • Student Transformation of their World Awards
  • Fruit of The Vine Award (for past students)

In addition the school administers additional wards on behalf of outside organisations such as;

  • Marie Bashir Peace Award 
  • ADF Award


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