Fruits of the Vine Grant

fruitAs a graduate of CCCHS, you are a person who strives to:

  • abide in Christ
  • be hope-filled and loving
  • be an innovative and critical thinker
  • be a responsible local and global citizen who is continuing to develop a Eucharistic imagination with which to transform their world.

During your years as a student at CCCHS, the staff worked towards the goal of enabling you to confidently take your place in the world as a man or woman of faith, bearing the fruit of Christ's love. The purpose of this annual grant is to support and encourage you as you continue to realise this goal and Jesus' promise to us, that when we stay connected to him, when we live in him, we will thrive.


This $500 grant is made available annually by Mrs Jenny Allen, foundation Principal, to a CCCHS graduate to support them in a specific social justice outreach activity that they are actively pursuing in the year in which they apply. A graduate may apply for this grant in any year after their graduation from the school. The only condition attached to the grant is that a brief report in a medium of the applicant's choice is presented to the school community within twelve months of receiving the grant.

Application is to be made via the Fruits of the Vine application form available below and submitted by the end of Term One. The current Year 12 student leadership team, in consultation with the staff leadership team, will determine the successful applicant.

Applicants will be notified early in Term Two about the outcome of their application with the presentation of the cheque to the successful applicant being made on Corpus Christi Day in Term Two.

The name of the grant recipient will be recorded on the CCCHS Honour Board each year, in recognition of the person's embodiment of the mission and vision of the school.

Download the Fruits of the Vine Grant application


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