Learning Advisory Program

Corpus Christi takes an active approach to your child’s pastoral care. The dignity of the whole person is affirmed as each student is encouraged to model their lives on Christ. The Learning Advisory program is both unique and successful in fostering the growth of students’ passion for learning and relationship with Christ. 

Each student belongs to a small Learning Circle community supported by a Learning Circle Learning Advisor (LCLA), with whom they meet daily. The LCLA is the centre of your child’s support network at Corpus Christi. They assist your child as they navigate their way through secondary education by encouraging the growth of their relationship with Christ.

Each Learning Circle is part of the wider House community and functions in accordance to the core values and principles of that House. In this way, students are given the opportunity to clearly identify with both their Learning Circle and their House, under the guidance of their LCLA. While students remain connected to the House allocated to them upon their commencement at Corpus Christi, their Learning Circle will change each year, thereby giving students the opportunity to make meaningful connections with a number of students within their Stage. 

Every student meets with their LCLA twice a term for a Dialogue to reflect on CLEs as well as the students’ personal and social responsibilities.This extensive conversation assists students in setting sustainable goals for the term and provides them with strategies to achieve these learning, social or personal objectives.

Learning Conferences occur twice each year between the student, parent and carers and LCLA. These conferences are facilitated by the student, who create a portfolio of their achievements and endeavours throughout the Semester. This gives students an opportunity to showcase their progress and engage in conversations modelled on the formal vocational discussions they will encounter in the workplace. The LCLA supports these conversations by providing professional insights regarding the student’s progress across their CLEs and Electives. This is also an opportunity for parents/carers to ask questions regarding their child's progress.


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