Student Affirmations

Students at Corpus Christi are recognised and celebrated for their achievements in the areas of learning, social responsibility and personal responsibility. Students are given the opportunity to receive a written Recognition that affirms their positive behaviours of connection to the Corpus Christi community. Students receive these recognitions in their Student Handbooks from their Learning Advisors.

In addition to these written recognitions of positive behaviours, all students are eligible to receive End of Year Transformation Awards in a number of categories that reflect our Teaching and Learning Principles and our Respect Framework. These End of Year Transformation Awards include:

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Transformational Learning Awards                                                                               
Transformation of Learning Award Students who have exhibited success in their learning by maintaining an Outstanding Grade average across all CLEs, or have alternatively improved their grades across all CLEs significantly, are eligible for the Transformation of Learning Award.
Transformation through Social Responsibility Students who volunteer to participate avidly in community service within our outside school are eligible for the Transformation through Social responsibility Award.
Delegate for Transformation  Students in Student Leadership or Facilitator positions who demonstrate leadership apart or beyond their role are eligible for this end of year award
Transformation through Personal Responsibility   As students receive Recognitions from their CLE, Project or Sport Learning Advisors, the Learning Circle Learning Advisors (LCLA)monitor these Recognitions and will accordingly award those students who have displayed a high level of positive behaviours for learning with an LCLA Recognition. Upon receiving five of these LCLA Recognitions, students are eligible to attain a House Leader's Recognition. Three House Leader Recognitions will award students with a Principal's Award. Those students who have demonstrated Personal Responsibility via the achievement of three Principal's Awards are recognised with the Transformation through Personal Responsibility Award.
Other Awards offered to eligible students at Corpus Christi         
Dux of School Exemplary Student Award
HSC Distinguished Achiever Excellence in Sport Award
Principal's Award Student Participation Certificate
Year 12 Outstanding Academic Achievement Award Oak Flats Rotary Science Award    
Year 11 Outstanding Academic Achievement Award St Francis of Assisi Environment Award     
Jenny Allen Award Hayworth Music Award
Year 12 Visual Arts Award P&F Corpus Christi Day Award
Senior Student House Medallion  CCCHS Sir William Deane Peace Prize
Showcase Awards Visual Design


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