Student Behaviour Management Policy

Corpus Christi takes a pastoral approach to behaviour management. Our Student Behaviour Management Policy is based upon Restorative Justice Principles and our Respect Framework, both of which function through the Circles of Connection.

Our Respect Framework is articulated through Respect for Learning, Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for Environment. The Circles of Connection help all members of Corpus Christi to understand how our own actions impact our connection to the community, and the way in which that community functions.

These Circles of Connection represent the behaviours and attitudes that connect students to Corpus Christi and our core value of 'Abiding in Christ'. The inner colours of the Circles are a deep red that illustrate the depth of love and life experienced at the centre of the Circle.

As students engage in behaviours that distance themselves from the Learning and Teaching Principles, they so too begin to move into the outward Circles.

These behaviours are referred to as Behaviours of Disconnection as they represent a disconnection from the Corpus Christi community. As such, the colours of the Circles fade to grey, symbolising the loss of life and vibrancy that we feel when our actions exclude us from the community.

The Circles of Connection approach maximises the Learning Advisor's role in pastoral matters by re-engaging students into the Corpus Christi way of life.

Download 2018 Student Behaviour Management Policy & Guidelines

Download 2014 Power to Search Students' Possessions Policy


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