Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Corpus Christi is committed to developing the leadership potential of every student. We believe that every student has the capacity to make a difference. Leadership skills are taught and modelled using servant leadership and the model of Jesus as guiding principles.

Students are offered a wide range of leadership roles at Corpus Christi. These include election to the Student Representative Council, leadership roles within Social Justice and other extra-curricular committees, as well as the Senior Student Leadership Portfolios.

Corpus Christi has a range of student leadership opportunities available from Year 7 through to Year 12.

In Stages Four and Five, students can nominate for the Student Representative Council (SRC) role within their House. Students write a letter of application to their House Leaders, who then interview each nominee with Senior Student Leaders. SRC members work closely with their peers and House Leader to assist with Liturgies, Showcases, sporting carnivals and other school events.

In the senior years, student leadership is essential to the Corpus Christi learning community.  Senior Student Leaders serve to strengthen the school community through enacting their faith in Christ and modelling Actions of Connection.

Student Leadership Programs

  • Formal Leadership Program conducted in Term Two for all Year 11 students
  • Student Leadership Development Day
  • Stage Four and Five Leadership Development Day

Senior students and staff nominate and vote for leadership roles including:

  • School Captains
  • School Vice-Captains
  • Chisholm House Student Leaders
  • Davis House Student Leaders
  • Ingham House Student Leaders
  • Deane House Student Leaders

Youth Ministry Leaders

Youth Ministry Leaders are the student advocates inspiring faith in their school and parish communities. Their leadership is demonstrated in their commitment to faith and representation of the school in Diocese events such as Bishop Brian’s ordination and installation, leading LIVE, and receiving the 2018 Agent of Transformation award.




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