Our Technology

Our Technology

Our students live in a rapidly changing technological world. Information and communication technology (ICT) has become an important part of everyday life. The integration of ICT capabilities in our teaching and learning provides opportunities for all students to develop their skills to become competent, discriminating, productive, creative and ethical users of ICT.

The integration of technology in all aspects of learning at Corpus Christi also  allows parents and carers to engage with learning advisors and access information about their child’s progress. 


Our Bring Your Own Designated Device, or BYODD, program assures learning advisors, parents, carers and students that students are equipped with the most appropriate technology, with the capability, performance and reliability that matches the high standard of education at Corpus Christi.

We have dedicated IT staff to help students, parents and carers understand the requirements of the BYODD program.

What device do students need?
Students at Corpus need either a MacBook Pro or Macbook Air, with a battery life of 10 hours.
Where can laptops be purchased?
Families can source a laptop from any supplier. Please be aware that many sellers do not automatically supply the three-year AppleCare warranty

One supplier we recommend is:

(use the Passcode: BYOD2018)

What else do I need with the laptop?
All students are required to transport the laptop inside a laptop bag. The preferred laptop bag is an STM Kitty. We recommend a hard shell case.

Our Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is software that brings together all the school’s administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and educational programs.

At Corpus, our LMS provides a centralised location for Learning Advisors, students and parent/carers to access all educational and training material.

All students have a Google for Education account assigned to them on enrolment. Google Classroom and Google Sites are our main content delivery tools. Through these sites, we provide both students and parents/carers with access to all course content, feedback and assessment grades.

Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning aims to make the most of the face-to-face time we have with students in learning sessions by utilising video. Having students access videos as an introduction to subject content allows more time in learning sessions for students to interact with each other and their Learning Advisor to delve deeper into understanding and applying the concepts learned.

Flipped learning allows for more individualised, self-paced learning and provides more opportunities for active engagement in learning tasks.


Our students access a unique literacy program that features 30 individual flipped learning lessons on spelling, grammar and punctuation.

A second website offers students access to Literacy Planet, an online program to develop literacy skills, using evidence-based, curriculum-aligned content and digital technology.


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are fundamental to shaping the future of Australia. They provide the skills and knowledge that underpin many professions and trades. Our iSTEM program allows students to develop these skills in a project-based environment.

We have a “makerspace” where students can get hands-on with laser cutting technologies, 3D printing, CAD/CAM, electronics, bottle rockets, drones and virtual reality experiences to help develop creative projects.

Hot Maths

Our students have access to Cambridge HOTmaths online resources, which align with the NSW Australian Curriculum Mathematics Syllabus.

For each topic area Hotmaths provides a comprehensive set of resources, including videos of key learning points, interactive activities, called Widgets, and a suite of games that make students feel like they’re playing while they’re actually learning Mathematics.


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