Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

At Corpus Christi “We are called to be people of the vine, to grow more fully into the likeness of Christ”.

Our Mission

Founded in 2006, the Year of the Eucharist, by Bishop Emeritus Peter Ingham, Corpus Christi Catholic High School quickly established a reputation as an innovative and contemporary Catholic secondary school in the Southern Illawarra area.

At Corpus Christi we draw inspiration from the person of Jesus as we journey together;

  • Empowering each other with the hope, courage, imagination and capacity to transform our world.
  • Striving for academic excellence through a dynamic and adaptive curriculum leading to a love of life long learning.
  • Promoting an inclusive community based on respectful relationships, providing students with the ‘courage to learn, support to grow’.
  • Ensuring the holistic development of individuals by nurturing their spiritual, physical, socio-emotional, cultural and cognitive wellbeing, allowing them to flourish.

Our Motto 

Our motto is “Abide in Christ”. It calls each member of the school community to remain close to Christ by being present, while displaying humility, courage and serving others.

Our School Values/Actions

Presence: Where all people we encounter are given our respect and fullest attention, where we acknowledge and are conscious of the presence of God in our everyday lives, and where we contribute to making Jesus known and loved throughout the world by our words and actions.

Humility: Where we recognise that our gifts and talents come from God, where we always express gratitude and appreciation for all that we have, and where we walk gently on the earth as humble stewards of God’s creation.

 Courage: Where we always stand up for what is right and just, where we bravely pursue our goals and aspirations, and where we embrace challenges with hope and confidence.

 Service: Where we always include those on the margins, where we embrace a generosity of spirit that considers the needs of others before our own, and where we commit to building up the common good and creating safe and supportive environments.






Our Crest 

We are bearing fruit as branches of Christ’s vine. The symbolism in the lower section of the crest calls the school community to action as Eucharistic people, reflecting the light of Christ.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Corpus Christi are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential and to embrace their culture and identity. We strive to ensure that all members of our community understand, acknowledge and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories and cultures and contribute to reconciliation for all Australians.

      Ways we promote and foster cultural awareness in our students include:

      • AIME
      • Peer Mentoring 
      • Motivational Speakers (ATSIC)
      • Yarning Strong (Literacy Program)
      • Social Justice Days
      • The Indigenous Cultural Space
      • Developing Community and School Relationships
      • Building connections with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Role Models
      • Celebration of NAIDOC Week

          Contact Details


          Dharawal Country

          100 Industrial Road
          Oak Flats
          NSW 2529

          Ph: (02) 4230 3300

          Email:   info@ccchsdow.catholic.edu.au

          Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm