Student Well-being

Student Well-being

At Corpus Christi our approach to pastoral care and well-being is to provide a faith-filled community where our students have “Courage to Learn and Support to Grow”. It is both unique and effective in fostering the growth of students’ passion for learning and their relationship with themselves, others and Jesus.

Pastoral Care and Well-being at Corpus Christi is a communal undertaking. It is about supporting students in developing their whole self – that is, their academic, spiritual, social/emotional, leadership and physical well-being through whole-school initiatives.

It is also about parents and the school working in partnership to support student growth.

The overall mission of Corpus Christi is to grow more fully into the likeness of Christ, which links to our motto, “Abide in Christ”. We have four pillars that underpin this statement and when students are living out and modeling these values of Humility, Presence, Service and Courage, they are abiding in Christ and answering the call to be people of the vine.

This is supported by our expectations for student behaviour. Our school guidelines are based on four simple expectations – that our students have respect for themselves, respect for others, respect for learning and respect for the environment. Students are supported by “Learner Attributes” which will eventually see them leave our school achieving the “Graduate Attributes”. All learners are supported in this through the values and beliefs we have established in collaboration with the committed and supportive Learning Advisors and Support staff and the positive and strong partnerships we build with parents and the wider community.

Merit Flow Chart

Learner Attributes

  • Abiding in Christ
  • Respecting the dignity of all people and building quality relationships
  • Believing in their innate capacity to learn
  • Seeking feedback and reflecting on their learning
  • Using goal setting to achieve their personal best
  • Building creativity and critical thinking skills
  • Making responsible decisions that show respect for self, others, learning and the environment

Graduate Attributes

  • Being hope filled and abiding in Christ
  • Respecting the dignity of all people and building quality relationships
  • Respecting and affirming the dignity of all people through sustaining quality relationships
  • Possessing the skills and motivation to continue their lifelong learning
  • Thinking creatively and critically
  • Acting as a responsible global and local citizen called to be a steward of creation

Our Learning Advisory Program

The Learning Circle Learning Advisor (LCLA) is the centre of the support network at Corpus Christi. The LCLA and the House Leader work in partnership with parents to assist students as they navigate their way through secondary education. The Learning Advisory Program focuses on assisting students in setting goals and strategies to achieve quality learning and positive, meaningful relationships with their peers, Learning Advisors and the wider community.

Our Learning Circles

Every student at Corpus Christi is a member of a Learning Circle. Each Learning Circle community is supported by a Learning Circle Learning Advisor (LCLA), with whom they meet daily for 25 minutes. During this time the LCLA facilitates a structured program of literacy intervention, goal setting and building study skills. This time also gives students the opportunity to seek individualised support with their learning or work both collaboratively and independently on refining their learning and assessment tasks.

Each Learning Circle is part of the wider House community. While students remain connected to the House throughout their time at Corpus Christi, their Learning Circle will change each year, giving students the opportunity to make meaningful connections with a number of students within their Stage.

Actions of Connection

Corpus Christi is committed to providing a safe and welcoming learning environment and takes a pastoral approach to behaviour management. Our Student Behaviour Management Policy is based upon Restorative Practice Principles and the Positive Behaviour 4 Learning Framework (PB4L). 

Our PB4L Framework is based on the theory of positive behaviour and mutual respect and is articulated through Respect for Learning, Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for the Environment. Students are expected to model these areas of respect in all their actions and are supported in this by their Learning Circle Learning Advisor and House Leader.

Merit flow chart

Counselling Service

The emotional and social wellbeing of the student is our priority at Corpus Christi. We endeavour to provide support for students in all areas of their wellbeing, and as such, offer access to two school counsellors. This service is available at the request of students or parents, and is discrete in its administration.

Our CatholicCare counsellors work in partnership with school personnel and other community providers to deliver a wrap-around model of support.


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